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Located in Ningbo city with NO.9 of export rate and near from Shanghai for 2 hours by EMU, NOWISI has been the leading company in the fields of Youth International Exchange and Human Resources on Ningbo China. We have set out a high standard for providing personalized, quality internships that provide life-enriching experiences to our interns from different countries of the world. Moreover,for letting more young people know China and enhance culture exchange, NOWISI also provide Students Tour,Students Chinese Training to our foreign participants.

Nowadays,Chinaí»s economy will play role in more and more important status in the world, China will become the biggest economy country in world in 2016 which is forecasted by IMF.At present,more and more foreign enterprises or companies enter China for getting developpment from the biggest consume market in future.Moreover the knowledge of China unique history, culture, philosophy of business, Chinese language and Chinese people is not only fascinating for young international students, but also will become one day competitive advantage on your resume sending to prospective employers. In the end, when you work with chinese together, you will learn the more chinese work ways and work enthusiasum to change your life's attitude and know how to use your right  view to know the world earlier.To get better career and life-enriching experiences when young students gratuate,they are willing to choose Internship,Tour or  Chinese Training on China.Knowing this developent'strend,NOWISI honoredly supply so service for international youth for getting more international experience when you are a students and you are willing to invest on abroad internship or tour.If do so,it makes more success in your future career and  know how to use your right view as earlily as to know this world.
Start here,walking towards successful future!

Internship Program/Full time of job Program   
NOWISI has been focused purely on advancing your professional capability and life-enriching experiences. At present,we have established long-corporative relative with more than 1500 entreprises,companies, tour companies,schools,language institutions,banks and other industries on Ningbo .Many of our host companies are leading enterprises in China including many top 500 companies in China. You specialize in your chosen field, It covers engineering, business trading, architecture, art, logistics, economics, finance, fashion industry, hospitality, IT, journalism, law, marketing, advertising, PR, medicine and healthcare etc.

NOWISI team promise to our candidates we will supply high-quality,special,right internship position as our total.You will have the chance to  work in host company for long time if the both are satisfy.

Tour Program
Students Tour Program includes students tour in Ningbo and students tour in other places of China.
NOWISI stuff of most was born or work on Ningbo for many years,so our stuff have full experience of tourist guide and are very familiar with every places on Ningbo.Only what you tell us what scene,our team will provide professional and thoughtful service.
If you want to visit other cities of China, NOWISI also can arrange everything for you.We have been estabilshed long corporation with noted tour scenes.When you tell us which city or what scene,we will contact with local tour scenes,then arrange everything for you!

Mandarin Training Program
Mandarin Training Program includes private teacher teaching and Chinese Training institute or school teaching.
To improve our service level, NOWISI recruits the full foreign language teaching experienced Chinese teachers with influent English or French,GermanyúČjapanese and other language level ,As these teachers join us, NOWISI provide professional and comprehensive servive for you.
If you want to learn mandarin in training institutes or schools,please tell us about your mandarin training's program.NOWISI have been established long corporative relation with mandarin training institutes or schools.NOWISI team will arrange everything for you.

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