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NOWISI Service Center Introduction
Since NOWISI team found, we have been make effort to help international friends from all over the world to solve their problem in China. When you will come to China or have lived in China, you will meet many problem and need our helping, please tell us about your problem , We will be your butler around.

¡ïHolding a variety of international exchange and China cultural activities--- When you come a new country, you may feel vey alone and you hope to knowing some new friends from all over world. We will invite you to take part in Chinese performances activity and Chinese characteristics meetings NOWISI hold regularly when the participator will receive our invitation. These activities include in Chinese musical performances, dance performances, singing performances, Chinese festival performances, organizing travel and movies and other activities. By holding these activities, you will know more new friends from global and know more China culture.

¡ïExperience life in China --- we will introduce you to the general chinese family and live together with the family for short time. knowing more about chinese life, working and customs and traditional China culture.
Visiting universities, communicating with college students, city tour, experiencing the folk custom, tasting the local food and snacks, sightseeing, taking part in traditional festivals (Spring Festival Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival,
Mid-Autumn Day), practicing Chinese painting, calligraphy, Kong Fu and cooking, visiting local families, participating in activities with local people.

¡ïInvesting advisor to China---If you are going to invest to China, before investing, you need knowing the related market information, tell us what detail do you want to get, we will survey the market with truth and tell you the result.

¡ïRecommending China¡¯s agent for you---If you want to sell your products in China market and you have been searching your China¡¯s agent. We Will search ,choose the suitable China¡¯s agent according to your requirement.

¡ïYour China¡¯s partner¡¯s survey---If you have been deal with your business in China and you want to expand business in Chinese market. But you are not familiar with your partner¡¯s  the nature of the company, the company strength. In a word, you will make your decision after knowing your partner. Please tell us about your requirement, we will survey your partner in fact and tell you the result.

¡ïChina law inquiry--- Some problems you meet in China. You need solve it by China¡¯s law. We will inquiry relative China¡¯s law and guide for you to use China¡¯s law.

¡ïTranslation--- We will provide you with a very professional translators .the professional translator can make you better communicate with the Chinese partner.
Languages translation:
English translation, Japanese translation, Korean translation, German translation, French translation, Russian translation, Spanish translation, Portuguese translation, Italian translation, Indian language translation, Malay translation, Bahasa Indonesia translation, Cambodian translator, Lao translation, Burmese translation, Vietnamese translation, Thai translation, Mongolian translation, Romanian translation, Farsi translation, Serbian translation, Czech translation, Farsi translation, Swedish translation, Norwegian translation, Dutch translation, Finnish translation, Greek translation, Arabic translation, Turkish translation, Ukrainian translation, Hungarian translation, Polish translation, Irish, Urdu, Algeria, etc¡£

¡ïCar rental---We will supply a variety of models with your request,  tell us which kind of car do you like. At the same time, we will provide you with the most favorable lease price and provide you with the most professional and attentive service drivers.

¡ïAccommodation rental---we will supply a accommodation according to your requirement. It should located in a beautiful environment place, close to the city center, easily accessible from your place of work. At the same time, we will provide you with the most favorable lease price.

¡ïHotel rental--- We will recommend you with the local best hotel according to your request. It is a beautiful environment, close to the city center, easily accessible from your place of work. At the same time,we will supplying you the best price.

¡ïBooking train tickets and airline tickets --- please tell us about your arrangement in China, we book your plane or train tickets in advance, being convenient and saving your time.

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