Why choose Ningbo

NOWISI general office Located in Ningbo with developed and lively economy,beautiful environment,ancient history,rich culture and tour scene and hospital people.Our service's range enlarges to Hangzhou city,Wenzhou city,Yiwu city in Zhejiang province and Shanghai city,Beijing city,Chongqing city,Chengdou city,Nanjing city,Suzhou city,Wuxi city,Guangzhou city,Shenzhen city,Foushan city,Zhuhai city,Wuhan city.


In the 1960s, some Japanese scholars raised the concept of the Silk Road via Sea. For, whether by sea or land, the Silk Road refers to the broader concept engaging in communication between the East and the West as in ancient times. Today, many research institutes, museums and memorials have mushroomed along the sea routes of related countries or cities, and a number of well-organized activities have been held. Among the 102 historical and cultural cities in China, Guangzhou, Quanzhou and Ningbo are most famous for their deep involvement in the silk trade via sea.

Ningbo's involvement with the Silk Road via Sea since ancient times has been evidenced. Artifacts from the Hemudu Culture site prove that the locals were quite active as navigators!

Ningbo is a highly developed economic urban.On 2010, total import and export volume of Ningbo reaches over 82.9 billion U.S. dollars and ranking the NO.9 on whole China.So,Ningbo have always been keep in business contacting with all overy the world for many centuries.There are lot of entreprises and companys abroad their goods to global and import large of machines and products from all overy the world.In addition to,due to Ningbo¡¯s port advantage,it attracts more and more Foreign enterprises and company to invest on Ningbo.Please don¡¯t hesitate,here it is your future best idealist business City in China.

Ningbo is a very beautiful port city, it is beautiful environment, roads clean and in particular,Ningbo port is one of the most important and biggest export ports in China. There are modern international shopping --- Ningbo Tianyi Square Shopping Mall, but also the long history of well-know scene and monuments, is also a good place for holiday tourism.In other word, It is a natural combination with modern city, is worthy of you to come for learning, living and tour.

Our team has a comprehensive working experience in the fields of education, human resources and International relations in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.Our member are from Ningbo or have worked for more than 6 years in Ningbo.So we know how to Communicate and respect for their culture with the students from all over the world,also we are very familiar with Customs and scene in Ningbo.
In order to supply our professional service,when our candidates meet any problem,our NOWISI team supply helping for them soon;in order to make our candidates live here as easily as in their own countries, our general office was choosed on Ningbo city and service's range enlarges to Hangzhou city,Wenzhou city,Yiwu city in Zhejiang Province and Shanghai city,Beijing city,Chongqing city,Chengdou city,Nanjing city,Suzhou city,Wuxi city.Guangzhou city, Shenzhen city,Foshan city,Zhuhai city,Wuhan city.

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