1. What are the living expenses in China?
Living in China is very affordable and good deals are abundant. There is a wide range of restaurants offering varying prices. A delicious meal at a Chinese restaurant is inexpensive while dining at an American-style restaurant can be a bit more costly. Transportation costs are low and public transport systems are convenient and well developed. There are many attractions in Ningbo for a low cost and inexpensive activities are easy to come across. Chinese markets offer a vast range of shopping and deals are not hard to come by!
Accomodation Average RMB 1500/month
Bus Average RMB1 or RMB 2
Meal Average RMB 8 ĘC 20
Taxi RMB 11(for the first 3 km)

2. How difficult is to obtain medicines or healthcare in China?
There are pharmacies throughout china offering most medicines. If you have any medical conditions, you should bring the necessary information with you in case of an emergency. It is easy to find a local doctor for health problems and is normally inexpensive. There are foreign ex-pat hospitals available and it is possible to find doctors and health care centers that can assist you in English or other languages.

3. What clothing should I bring?
Ningbo is with hot humid summers and a little cold dry winters. In the summer months, it can reach up to 35 degrees Celsius and as low as below 0 degree in the winter. You should bring the appropriate clothing depending on which season you will be arriving for. If you find yourself with inappropriate items, clothing in China is very inexpensive and there are many markets selling everything you could ask for!

4. Is it safe to eat the street food?
It is generally safe to eat street food, although some can experience stomach problems while adjusting to this variation of local cuisine. Over time, the body can adjust to the change in diet. Food from street vendors can be very tasty and is very inexpensive.

5. How can I exchange money in China?
A foreigner can bring cash and change it at the Bank of China for RMB. Foreign money can be exchanged in China through traveler's cheques or currency conversion at banks and hotels. Credit cards can also be used.
You can change foreign currency at the airport, banks around the cities and hotels. It is a relatively easy process; you just bring the cash and your passport to the bank or money changer and get your RMB.
Travelers Checks. Again these can be cashed at the airport, hotels and banks.
Credit Cards. Cards are widely accepted at major stores, restaurants and hotels around china. It is also possible to get cash advances from ATM machines if you have a pin. There are now many ATM machines and they can be found pretty easily in most large Chinese cities.
Opening a local account is a good option for longer-term students. This gives them a place to keep cash they have brought with them and to receive money transfers from abroad. There are a few options when thinking about opening a local account; we recommend Bank of China or Industrial and Commercial Bank. These two banks have many locations around China and also on some university campuses.
There are many different options in China as the population here comes from all over China. Most restaurants offer menus in both English and Chinese and a vast range of delicious items to choose from. There are also many American-style restaurants available around the city as well as cuisine from around the globe such as Italian, Mexican etc.

6.Can I bring my mobile phone and use it in China?
Yes. You can use your personal telephone number if your service provider has international roaming services available. This will need to be clarified in advance of your trip. If you wish to use your own phone with a Chinese number, you can purchase a SIM card here and pre-paid phone cards (your phone must be unlocked).
It is also very convenient to purchase mobile phones in China and some models can be very inexpensive.

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