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JAVA designer
recruiter agent
Post Date
April 3, 2012
JAVA designer
Starting date
6---1 year
Required degree
College Degree or above
1, Good programming practices and documentation writing skills, architecture design and software design experience, independent research and problem-solving skills;
2, Familiar with SSH development framework, and are familiar with Javascript, Ext, Ajax and other common techniques;
3, Familiar with the Oracle database system;
4, Familiar with Tomcat, Apache application server;
5, better communication and comprehension, optimistic personality and pragmatic attitude, motivated
Job invention
1, you are Responsible for the company's software products pre-sales of analysis work
2, Java code's design and writing
3, Design and develop documentation
4, keeping necessary and sufficient communication and provide appropriate constructive suggestions.
1, Salary Range :2000-2500 yuan / month + bonus + sector share awards (interview)
2, accommodation: no
3, food: Yes
4, Work place : Baotai district, Shanghai city
5, Working time: from Monday to Friday; 9:00---17:30
About Employer:
The company is a professional supplier of Internet phone systems and distributed call center platform, and has a leading integrated technology, a mature and stable systematic product and the practical and pragmatic solutions for the enterprise from the traditional mode of communication integration to the Internet agechanges in the pattern of communication provides a most economical and most convenient way
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