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Ningbo, a famous foreign trade port, has a very long history. 7,000 years ago the people of Ningbo had made the glorious "Hemudu Culture" in this land and begun to develop towards the sea. Ningbo was a part of the Yue State during the Spring & Autumn Period, whereas a part of Huiji Shire during the Qin Dynasty and Han Dynasty 2,000 years ago, which consisted of four counties including Yin, Mao, Juzhang and Yuyao. The trading, shipbuilding and ocean shipping were rather flourishing at that time in Ningbo. In the early stage of the Ming Dynasty, Ningbo was granted as the Mingzhou Prefecture, but in 1381, the 14th year of Emperor Hongwu's reign, it was changed into Ningbo Prefecture, which is still in use today. Ning in Chinese means peace and Bo refer to the wave; thus, Ningbo actually implies when the ocean is calm, and the wave is gentle. During the Tang Dynasty, Ningbo was the center that manufactured the Tang ships and celadon china of the Yue Kiln and did business very frequently with foreign countries. It was granted altogether with Guangzhou, Yangzhou and Quanzhou the title the Four Largest Foreign Trade Ports of China, which composed the "Silk and China Road on the Sea" at that time. In 1840s, according to the "Five Ports Trade Treaty" which was signed with the western imperialist powers, Ningbo was forced to build a trading port, which was put into use in 1844.

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The Tianyi Square
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Ninghai Forest hot springs
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Baoguo Temple
Putuoshan Island
Portuguese Church
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