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"Sun Held by Two Birds" is a piece of unearthed artifacts found in the Hemudu Relic, which can be traced back to 7,000 years ago. Figuring like a comb, the design of "Sun Held by Two Birds" is composed of five concentric circles, forming the sun in the center covered with flame on the upper outer circle which symbolizes the light of the sun, and a couple of phoenix around the sun dancing. It's the first man-made sacred sun statue with complete figure found in the archaeological work up till now. Since the whole figure is ingeniously and boldly designed, the lines are skilled and smooth, it can be called the fine work as compared with other art articles found in the Hemudu Relic. Signifying the original worship to the totem, it actually represents the respect of the people of Hemudu to the sun and the universe. Therefore, Hemudu in the ancient time was regarded as the "Hometown of the Sun God"; "Sun Held by Two Birds" hence stands for the long history and the unique tourist resources of Ningbo.

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Tourist Symbol of Ningbo
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