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The Tianyi Square


The Tianyi Square, also known as Tianyi Business Distric, is situated downtown Ningbo in the business center between Rixin Street, Kaiming Street, Zhongshan Road and Yaohang Street. Covering a total area of 193,000 square meters, the square has a central square of 35,000 square meters, buildings of 220,000 square meters, decorative pools of 6,000 square meters, 32% of the area being for the green belts. With its multi-functionalities of shopping and entertainment, it is known as the "Business Aircraft Carrier of Ningbo" and the "Face of Ningbo City".


Co-designed by a US architectural designing agency and Ningbo Architectural Institute, the square comprises a complex of 22 low buildings of widely different styles laid out around the round central square, which, set off against the surrounding tall buildings, looks broad and stately. All the buildings on the square are bilaterally symmetrical along the main entrance axis and at the two ends of the southwest oblique axis stand two entrances, one opening to Kaiming Street--the other to the Sanjiangkou Area--another business center of the city.


At the east end of the square between the Happy Mall and the row of exotic buildings of Fine Food Area is a fishpond as long as 180 meters. In addition, the square is equipped with complete facilities for recreation and convenience of visitors: chairs and corridors, 31 auto elevators, a large parking area for over 7,000 automobiles, green belts, statues, all these making the square a business and fallowing center, a rare one in China.


In the past three years since its opening in March 2001, the square has successfully attracted 250 businesses and now it has over 800 shops of various kinds, including some well-known ones: Benz, Boss Garment, Ermenegildo Zegna, Pacific Department Store, Jisheng Wellborn Furniture, to mention just a few. The business area is divided into 11 districts: the supermarket district that houses Happy Mall, McDonald, and Dicos; the district for computer and communications companies; the district for children's clothes; the districts for men and women's wears where are located 118 famous-brand franchised fashion stores such as Romon, Peach Bird, and Ochirly, as well as the comprehensive district in which there are some 30 dealers of jewelry, fashion, glasses, domestic appliances such as Firs, Progen, and Laofengxiang. There are also districts of restaurants, fine food, and recreation, and so on.


In the construction of this modern Yianyi Square, an ancient building called Hall of Medicine King was preserved and renovated. Built in 1708 of the Qing Dynasty, it played a decisive role in the medicine history of Ningbo. In the past, it was not only the temple for Shennong--King of Medicine, but also an important medicine market and a meeting place for doctors. After the renovation, the hall now covers an area of about 1,600 square meters, and it has a large number of cultural relics of sculptures. Today, the hall is a pharmacy of Ningbo Dahongying Medicine Company, and at the same time, it is an exhibition hall of medicine history of Ningbo.

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