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Ningbo is a very beautiful port city, There are modern international shopping --- Ningbo Tianyi Square Shopping Mall, but also the long history of well-know scene and monuments, is also a good place for holiday tourism.So when you have more free time or have a holiday,you can choose Ningbo. NOWISI employed some full experience of guides who are very family with Ningbo.If you want to have a tour in other cities of China,we will arrange to it with our local tour company¡¯s partners.Only you tell us where to go!!!

Wu Longtan Scenic Spot
Wu Longtan Scenic Spot is new ten scene of Ningbo,AAAA level scenic spot, is also the first tourist scene which passed ISO9000 international quality certification system in Ningbo, Zhejiang   >> More
East Lake Scenic Area
The East Lake locate in the southeast of Ningbo City, only 7.8 km from the city,   >> More
Hemudu Culture Relics

Hemudu Culture Relics, named after a nearby village of Yuyao City, is located 25 kilometers west of Ningbo. Surrounded by Siming Mountain on the south, Yuyao Plain on the north and Menqian Mountain on the east,

   >> More
Zhedong Grand Canyon
The first National Water Scenic Area - Tianhe Ecological Scenic Spot, located in the "Xu Travels " - Ninghai County, Zhejiang Province,    >> More
Liang Huang Mountain Scenic Area
Liang Huang Shan, also called "Tongbaishan", located in Ninghai County, Ningbo city, Zhejiang   >> More
Songlan Mountain Seaside Resort
The Songlan Mountain beach is surrounded by mountains and faces the sea. Blue sky, white clouds, blue sea and golden beach attract multitudes of tourists here.    >> More
China Fishing Village
China Fishing Village is situated beside the Shipu Harbor, which is one of the four largest multitude fishing harbors in China.
   >> More
Xiangshan Film City
The film and television city of ¡°A Couple of Chivalrous Swordspersons and Their Supernatural Eagles¡±, which has a total investment of 120 million yuan with a total area of 1091 mu, take the Lingyan Mountain as the large background.   >> More
Lianghuang Mountain
The Ningbo Lianghuang Mountain is steep with exotic peaks and stones, deep valley and quiet gully, flying waterfall and running spring. It is green as far as the eye can see with boundless graceful sceneries.   >> More
Celestial River Ecology Scenic Area
Tianhe ecology scenic area relies on the natural landscape, takes the cultural essence of Taoism and Taiyue as the connotations and is featured by green mountains and water, exotic peaks and stones, flowing streams and flying waterfall, primitive forests and modern amusement.   >> More
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Knowing Ningbo
History Ningbo
Climate Ningbo
Natural Ecological Environment...
Economy Ningbo
Tourist Symbol of Ningbo
Tourist attraction of Ningbo
The Tianyi Square
Phoenix Mountain Theme Park
Dongqian Lake Scenic Site
Ninghai Forest hot springs
Xikou Scenic Area
Wu Longtan Scenic Spot
East Lake Scenic Area
Hemudu Culture Relics
Zhedong Grand Canyon
Liang Huang Mountain Scenic Ar...
Songlan Mountain Seaside Resor...
China Fishing Village
Xiangshan Film City
Lianghuang Mountain
Celestial River Ecology Scenic...
Tashan Weir
Xuedou Mountain
Celestial River Ecology Scenic...
Ancient Town of Fishing Harbor...
Baoguo Temple
Putuoshan Island
Portuguese Church
Ningbo Ocean World
Moon Lake
Drum Tower

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