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Ningbo is a very beautiful port city, There are modern international shopping --- Ningbo Tianyi Square Shopping Mall, but also the long history of well-know scene and monuments, is also a good place for holiday tourism.So when you have more free time or have a holiday,you can choose Ningbo. NOWISI employed some full experience of guides who are very family with Ningbo.If you want to have a tour in other cities of China,we will arrange to it with our local tour company¡¯s partners.Only you tell us where to go!!!

Tashan Weir
Tashan Weir, located by Mount Tashan southwest of Yinjiang Town, Yin County, was built by Wang Yuanwei, Administrator of Yin County, in the year 833.   >> More
Xuedou Mountain
The Xuedou Mountain historic site in Xikou becomes a popular tourist spot and national-level scenic resort and historic site with a good reputation at home and abroad,   >> More
Celestial River Ecology Scenic Area
Tianhe ecology scenic area relies on the natural landscape, takes the cultural essence of Taoism and Taiyue as the connotations and is featured by green mountains and water, exotic peaks and stones, flowing streams and flying waterfall, primitive forests and modern amusement.   >> More
Ancient Town of Fishing Harbor
The Shipu Harbor of Xiangshan County was called Li Harbor at the earliest time, also called Jiuxi Harbor, in a shape of curved moon. The whole harbor is surrounded by the continent, Dongmen Island, Duimian Mountain Island, Nantian Island and Nantang Island and forms a closed type of bay with many harbor entrances.   >> More
Baoguo Temple
Baoguo Temple, situated in the Valley of Lingshan Mountains, 15 kilometers to the north of Ningbo, is the oldest and most completely preserved wooden Buddhist building with a unique design and impressive vigor, dated to the Northern Song Dynasty in South China with over 970 years of age.   >> More
Putuoshan Island
Off the coast of Zhejiang Province, Putuoshan is one of China¡¯s four great Buddhist mountains.  Pilgrims flood through the Ningbo ferry terminal all year round, on their way to view some of the 200 temples and religious landmarks that can be found here.    >> More
Portuguese Church
Situated near the ferry terminal, this relic of Ningbo¡¯s remarkable past dates back to 1628, when Portuguese merchants ruled the South Pacific trade routes.    >> More
Ningbo Ocean World
Ocean World is a great family attraction situated in the middle of Ningbo.  Visitors can view the breathtaking array of sea life in the main tank from the underwater tunnel. Shows, featuring performing seals and acrobats, run throughout the day.  An entertaining distraction.    >> More
Moon Lake
An open park in the middle of Ningbo city, it is a welcome place to cool off.  In the evening, it seems much of the city gathers there to socialize, dance and drink tea.  At the west end of the park is the Tianyi Pavilion, a Ming dynasty pavilion that holds thousands of rare ancient texts.    >> More
Drum Tower
The imposing drum tower overlooks the Zhongshan Xi Lu crossroad with Zhenming Lu.  Though the tower itself is interesting, behind it lays a network of streets full of shops, stalls and restaurants.    >> More
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